About The Fab Factory

Welcome to the fab factory – a new kind of studio with a new kind of sound. A place dedicated to the music community by helping artists, mixers, and producers achieve the highest plateaus of sound quality.

This is the space where the world’s distractions fade out so you can focus in. It’s an environment designed to keep you inspired and comfortable so every moment you’re working can be used to achieve sound perfection.

The fab factory works with leading educators in the business to help bring music back into areas that need it. Music is our life and we believe it can positively impact the lives around us.

Our passion for sound is matched only by our dedication to our clients. We are a studio with a purpose, and that purpose is to do everything we can to help artists, engineers, and producers come together in an amazing space to create incredible music. Knowing money is always a question, the fab factory offers its rates at one-tenth the price of other studios, guaranteeing nothing gets in your way.

It doesn’t stop there, with an all-star team of mixing engineers, producers, and industry veterans – along with a space designed for luxury and comfort – you have a studio that truly is one of a kind.


Looking to get a song or album mixed?

Looking to lock out a space for a writing session?

Or are you looking to have some production done?

Need to lock out a room for mixing or production?

Need vocal over dubs done?

Need a live space for recording?

No matter what it is, the professionals at the fab factory studio have you covered. Just take a look at some of the producing and mixing talent that has made this studio their home.