Fourever 1 and 1520 Gear up for New Single Release..

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Randy Jackson’s Recording artists / Girl Group Fourever 1 hops into the studio with producer Jared Lee Gosselin for their new single release with 1520 Entertainment.

Check out Fourever 1 on social media and stay tuned for their new single with 1520 dropping late 2017!


FOUREVER1 are Identical Quadruplets from the Bahamas.

These talented young women, born in Miami Florida, were raised in the Bahamas where they were discovered by Randy Jackson, who is now working with them to develop and manage their up and coming careers. They currently live in Sherman Oaks, California and loving Los Angeles!!!

FOUREVER1 began singing and acting at the age of 6, and by the age of 13, were destined to make it a career. They write, record, and perform original songs and just launched their new single “ALL ABOUT TONIGHT“.

What could be better than a beautiful, truly talented, internationally savvy singer/songwriter whose performances set the spirits of men and women on fire?

Try four in one! That’s FOUREVER1, a fierce, foxy foursome of quadruplet sisters bringin’ blazin’ Bahamian spice to the wide-wide world of Pop – where EDM meets R&B. Their sound is an electrifying shock to the system crackling with liberating excitement, passion and vibrations of love. Unleashed upon the world by “American Idol” music master Randy Jackson, the girls are being universal chart-top primed and proudly refuse to leave their accents behind.

In all-important birth order (never get this twisted), FOUREVER1 is Jodi, Catherine, Christina and Janelle. For the past eight years, these gorgeous sisters have been working non-stop to hone their skills in every aspect of the music game – each with a specialty, all with conviction. Born in the United States but raised in the Bahamas, they are smart, grounded young ladies with big dreams to attain and inspiring stories to share. They’ve also got some powerful songs on-deck.

The lead single, All About Tonight,” is a sexy, liberating, turn-down- the-lights and turn-up- the-heat club bumper – all about where the mind goes and the body flows when Friday night arrives. The girls co-wrote it with Sarah West and it’s an out-and- out winner! Another club highlight is “In the Air” which whisks the listener on a tsunami wave of sound, drenching your ears in scintillating vibrations and crashing you upon a sandy stretch of beach so hot, you can’t help but dance.

On the softer, more thoughtful side is the uplifting “High with the Wind,” and “Lost and Found” which, on one level, is about reuniting with a lost love, but on a higher level, represents the strong bond of sisterhood that the girls proudly possess.

“We always help each other, no matter where we are in life,” Janelle says. “We have quarrels like any family,” Catherine adds, “but our bond is unbreakable. We were in the womb together…we know what each other is thinking.”

Citing Rihanna for her captivating, never a dull moment spirit and Backstreet Boys (whose CD came into their house through a “happy meal” Christina got at Burger King) for their harmonies and performance excitement, FOUREVER1 started out at home in the Bahamas by making home videos that they posted on YouTube. The production company Free Mantle came calling with interest in building a reality show around the all-naturally camera-ready quads. Enter manager KiKi Lee Herr who decided that Randy Jackson would be ideal as their mentor to develop them – if the girls were really ready. Jodi recalls, “We all knew him from ‘American Idol’ which thrilled us and scared us at the same time! We had to perform for him at a big resort called Atlantis. It was nerve-racking but great. He liked us, though, and decided to take us on as our manager. After a few months to get ourselves together, we moved out to Los Angeles.”

The first thing Randy insisted they understand is that they were going to have to work very hard and be very patient. “‘It’s not fast paced at first,’ he told us,” Catherine confesses, “Take your time to prepare and develop because once this thing takes off, it really takes off!” Christina adds, “He also makes us think outside the box about things like ‘what will make us different’ – besides being quadruplets – and to pay close attention to the moves made by our favorites of today’s top artists…because tomorrow they will be our competition.”

Utilizing the God-given gifts and talents that each beloved sibling has to offer, FOUREVER1 have a built-in system for getting things done that’ll make your head swim. Quiet, introspective Christina is the primary songwriter and style conscious fashionista. Janelle is the business-minded one who goes over all of their paperwork with a fine-toothed comb. Catherine is the video conceptualist and the calm in the storm peacemaker, insuring that the communication and the love are ever-flowing. And Jodi is the stern, no-nonsense closer who makes sure that everything FOUREVER1 begins sails to the finish line.

In addition to all of that, the sisters are learning musical instruments as well; Catherine the guitar, Janelle and Christina the piano, and Jodi the drums. Catherine is also studying Spanish and Korean so the group can expand deeper into foreign language markets. And they are all raising their songwriting and already exemplary vocal skills. Catherine states, “When we sing together, we sound like other folks sound when their vocals are stacked – like one voice! We do harmonies, of course, but we also break off for solo leads.”

FOUREVER1 would eventually love to collaborate with Beyonce’ and 5th Harmony, but right now they are focused on the world falling in love with their music. “We have a special message for people that want to pursue their dreams,” they collectively state. “Work hard, have fun, believe in yourself, let no one tell you different and always be yourself!”