1520 Entertainment premieres re-invented ‘Under The Bridge’ with Chino XL and Rama Duke

By March 6, 2017 No Comments

As seen on — Today, new independent music label 1520 Entertainment has released the company’s launch video for the single featuring Chino XL and Rama Duke: a re-imagined take on the 1992 Red Hot Chili Peppers’ classic “Under The Bridge.”  Premiering on AXS, the video for the track is aimed at a whole new generation of youth who are dealing with a host of real-life issues.

“Under The Bridge” was a moody exposè about alienation and despondency with vocalist Anthony Kiedis sharing his own experience of coming out on the other side of addiction.  Now, 1520 Entertainment is taking the track to a new level with Chino XL and Rama Duke’s charged take on the rock/hip hop fused song.

The song now features commanding lyrical verses accompanied by the classic Chili Pepper’s chorus combined with Rama Duke’s fierce vocals.

“We hope that our hybrid version of ‘Under the Bridge’ might save some lives and inspire a new generation,” shared Jared Lee Gosselin, partner and founder of 1520 and producer of the track.  His production credits include Velvet Revolver, Serj Tankian, DMC and Macy Gray.

The song will also be benefiting local communities with the label contributing a portion of the song’s revenues to the California-based Action Family Foundation, which works with youth and their families to resolve issues related to drugs, alcohol, sex and gangs.

The track came about after Gosselin worked with Rama when she was signed to Hollywood Records and working on a rock album in the studio with a rock band covering the track with a rock vibe that ended up never being released.  An idea was born and with Gosselin and Chino XL having forged a long-term friendship, he immediately thought about how Chino’s lyrical style would compliment Rama’s vocals.  Since being discovered at the age of 16 by Grammy-winning legend Rick Rubin, Chino has collaborated with everyone from Travis Barker to Snoop Dogg to Cypress Hill.

Gosselin, Chino and Rama have formed a creative kinship that has led to discussions about combining their talents into a 1520 partnership called “A Bad Day For Sorry.”

1520 Entertainment has plans to release a new single from its eclectic roster each month throughout this year so stay tuned.